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What to do when you suffer damage in your home?

Experiencing damage can be overwhelming, but knowing what steps to take can help mitigate further damage and ensure a smooth detention process. Here are the key things to do when you experience water damage:

01. Initial Inspection

02. Evaluation

03. Damage Mitigation

Shrink Wrap Roof Seal

The prevailing preference for safeguarding areas affected by extreme weather events, such as hail storms, hurricanes, tornadoes or high winds, is now focused on retractable roofs rather than conventional tarps.

This innovative retractable roof has been highlighted as a highly effective emergency protection solution against leaks that often occur immediately after wind or hail severely damages the roof during a significant storm.

But what exactly is a retractable roof?

The answer is simple: it is a large plastic membrane that is securely attached to the roof structure through a heat shrinkage process. By heat welding the seams, an airtight seal is created that covers the entire roof surface. This alternative proves to be a superior choice over traditional blue tarps for roof covering.

If you are looking for an emergency solution to stop water seepage on your roof, plastic shrink wrap emerges as the most effective and reliable alternative.


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