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At PREF, we are dedicated to protecting what you value most. With certified expertise and a customer-centric approach, we are your trusted partner in damage mitigation and environmental health.

About PREF

Our purpose is to provide an immediate response to emergency situations in our communities when they are affected by natural disasters, as well as damage caused to their properties, as a result of a broken water pipe, fire or the presence of mold. 

We use the IICRC protocol and recommendations where the correct processes are standardized to carry out a mitigation project, as well as the endorsement of certifications for a successful remediation that guarantees the client’s safety as well as their perfect health to achieve total satisfaction and an extraordinary experience.


Cases Served


To provide emergency mitigation, remediation or disinfection services to our clients in the event of damage to their properties caused by natural or accidental disasters: wind, water, fire and mold, observing industry standards, in order to prevent further damage to the property.


To become one of the largest recognized firms in the restaurant industry in the State of Florida and to gain access to the public in other states, appreciated for the quality of service it provides to its customers and attractive to entrepreneurs who want to invest in the industry.

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